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Top Tips on Keeping Your Humidifier Well Maintained


A humidifier is an electric appliance that is used to maintain the desired amount of water vapor in a room. Humidifiers are mostly used during winter or in places that are generally cold. They not only serve human interests but also protect property from damage. There are different types of humidifiers ranging from domestic, office to industrial models. The common ones include cool mist humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers, and ultrasonic humidifiers. Just like any other appliance, humidifiers are subject to tear and wear thus they require regular care and maintenance to ensure that they work properly. There are several things that one can do from time to time to ensure that a humidifier is well maintained.

Your Humidifier Well Maintained

1. Always refill the humidifier with water every day

This is because keeping water in it for many days can lead to the breeding of molds and bacteria which is harmful to health. Avoid using tap water in the device since it can cause the accumulation of white dust. In areas where one can only access water that has a high mineral content, purchasing distilled water will alternatively help. In as much as some humidifiers have inbuilt anti-bacterial mechanisms, keeping water in it for long poses a risk of breeding of bacteria and mold. One can also use a demoralization cartridge if its recommended for their humidifier.

2. Clean the humidifier twice a week

Before cleaning the humidifier, allow it to cool for about 30 minutes. Most people use vinegar to clean humidifiers. When cleaning the humidifier, take it outdoors and plug it in. Remove the filter. Pour a gallon of water and a cup of vinegar in the tank and leave the humidifier running for an hour. Discard the remaining liquid and run it for one hour. You can rinse it once more and leave it to dry before using again. To clean the outside of the humidifier, disassemble all the parts and wash them one by one. Hand washing them is highly recommended. Once clean, hand-dry them and assemble them again. whether cleaning the humidifier internally or externally, always avoid using bleaching agents because they may permanently damage the humidifier.

3. Replace the water filter yearly

Continued use of the humidifier causes accumulation of mineral particles and scale on the filter holes. This may make cleaning of the filter a hard task as well as reduce its effectiveness. For areas where mineral content is high, the filter can be replaced twice a year to ensure that the humidifier works properly. Always ensure that you buy the recommended filter for your model.

4. Be on the lookout for leaks

A humidifier may start leaking water from the reservoir. Leaks are dangerous as they may cause dampness in areas around the humidifier. In case this happens, always turn off the water source until you discover the cause of the leak. Fix the problem and check out for rusting in surrounding parts. If any, replace the rusty parts accordingly and clean the humidifier before using again.

5. Most people only use their humidifiers during winter

Before using the humidifier after storing it for a long time, ensure that you clean it first. Once clean, disinfect it appropriately. When storing it after winter, ensure its deep cleaned and serviced. Ensure that all the parts are completely dry before storing it. When you store the humidifier with some dampness, some mold may grow as well as rusting. Following these precautions will keep the humidifier in good condition to serve you the next time you need it.

6. Humidifiers come in different models

This means that each model differs from the rest in some ways. For one to ensure that they are properly maintaining theirs, it is important to read the user manual carefully. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning, care, and maintenance. This will help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes while using the humidifier. In case you do not understand something concerning the humidifier, contact the manufacturer for help.

7. Use a soft- bristled brush when cleaning the humidifier to avoid making unsightly scratches on the humidifier.

8. It is advisable to keep the humidifiers in areas with less human traffic.

This is mostly for people who use warm mist humidifiers. If there are children, elderly people or pets in the room, tampering with the humidifier like playing with it may result in burns.

9. Use the correct humidity settings of your surroundings to set the correct relative humidity level.

Do not set it too low or too high. Most people set their humidifiers between 30 percent and 40 percent. Higher humidity levels, especially above 50%, promotes the growth of bacteria in the house. Investing in a hygrometer can help in ensuring that one knows the humidity levels of their surroundings. If the humidifier has an inbuilt humidistat, familiarize yourself with it to adjust it to the correct indoor moisture level.

10. Do not store the humidifier in a wet or damp area.

Also, ensure that the areas surrounding the humidifier do not become wet. When in a damp surrounding, the output level of the humidifier goes low. Some of the things that may become damp around the humidifier include walls, curtains, tablecloths, and carpets.

11. A good alternative for cassettes and cartridges may be buying distilled water.

12. If there is an occurrence of asthma, or bacteria and mold despite following the manufacturer's instructions, stop using the humidifier and call the manufacturer for help.

13. If a humidifier keeps on breaking down after prolonged use, it may be the best time to replace it.


Keeping a humidifier in good condition is the key to enjoying its service for the longest period of time. Checking it regularly can also help in avoiding major breakdowns. Cleaning the humidifier is also the best way of ensuring that your family is breathing clean air without a risk of contracting airborne diseases. No matter the type of the humidifier, regular maintenance will save you the pain of replacing your humidifier every now and then. Always ensure that the humidifier is well maintained to keep your home or office comfortable.

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