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SnapSafe Lock Box Review


The SnapSafe Lock Box is a good option for people who are looking for portable and secure storage. With this lockbox, it is possible to carry small valuable items like jewelry, sensitive documents, and even handguns. When traveling or even at home, you need to look for a way to conceal those items that you don’t want people to access. There is no better way of protecting your valuables than having a small and secure box. The best thing about this lock box is the fact that you make it more secure by attaching the cable to your car seat or any stationary object.

Feature of the SnapSafe Lock Box

Steel housing

We cannot talk about a lock box without talking about the material used to make it. A good lock box should have a rigid exterior because the main idea is to offer protection. The SnapSafe Lock Box meets all the expectations that anyone would want in a secure box. When you look closely at the box, you will realize that the exterior is made using steel. The thickness of the box is made using a 16-steel gauge, and this means that it is unbreakable.

Protective foam interior

The SnapSafe lockbox has a protective interior. It is important to for a good lockbox to have a strong exterior, but the interior is also essential. The interior of this lockbox has a foam interior that offers protection to the contents of the box. The foam interior acts as a cushion and prevents you valuable from moving inside the box causing an impact. With a protective interior, it will be easy to secure your sensitive jewelry and even handguns. The four-layer foam interior can be adjusted depending on the size of things that you want to store.

Strong hinges

One thing that you must appreciate about this lockbox is the strong hinges. A lockbox might have a strong exterior, but if the hinges are weak, then it becomes easy to access the contents of the box. This is something that you don’t have to worry about the SnapSafe lockbox. The hinges are strong, and you cannot snap them to open the box. The contents of your box will be safe, and you cannot open it unless you have the keys.

Smooth opening

It is important to always look for a box that is easy to open. Ease of opening means that the keys can easily slide inside in the lock to open it. With the SnapSafe lock box, you will experience the stress-free opening of the box. Whenever you want to open the box, all you need to do is to slide the kids inside. There is no jamming of the locks that come with other boxes. We all know that when the locks start jamming, then it might be the inconvenience you when trying to access the contents of the box.

Cable for additional security

The main role of this lock box is to protect your valuables from prying hands. However, it is still possible to protect your box from being stolen. You need to remember that someone can still take the box and go away with it. To prevent this from happening, there is a cable for additional security. All you need to do is to attach the cable to something stationary that cannot be moved. This means that it will be impossible to steal the box unless you cut the cord and it is still difficult to do it.

Portable size

When traveling, it is important to look for something that you can easily carry around. It is possible to carry the lock box in your car, and it will not take too much space. The size makes it easy to carry during your trip without worrying about bulkiness. You can also keep the lock box on your nightstand when sleeping because it is the size of a small notebook. The size of this lockbox does not interfere with the performance of the box. Despite its small size, it is still able to offer the security that you might need to keep your items safe.

Nice finish

The SnapSafe lock box has a smooth and nice finish for its price. The exterior is scratch-free and you will immediately the notice the classic look of the box. When compared to the price of the box, it looks more expensive. Aesthetics is still a big part of a security box, and with this box, you will enjoy the beautiful look and smooth finish. The fact that it is resistant to scratches makes it even durable, and it still maintains a beautiful look.


TSA approved: The SnapSafe lock box is one the boxes that have been approved by the TSA, and you can carry it through international airports. When it comes to firearm storage, it is important to look for a box that meets all the regulations.

Secure lock: The lock of the SnapSafe lock box is secure, and it is impossible to open it without the keys. It is difficult for lock pickers to open it without keys. This is a good way to keep the items in your box safe and secure.

Easy to carry: This lock box stands out from the rest because it is easy to carry. When you keep it in your luggage box, you don’t have to worry about adding weight. It is sleek and lightweight so it is the best option for your regular trips.

Spare keys: The lock box comes with spare keys, and this means that you can keep the extra keys somewhere where safe. In case you lose your keys, you can always open the box without going through a lot of stress.


Weak cable: Many users argue the cable is weak and it is easy to cut with a pair of pliers. However, it is easy to replace the cable with a strong cable for safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the box bulletproof?A: The box is not bulletproof, but it is strong enough to withstand any pressure from someone trying to break the box. The steel bulletproof makes it difficult to break, but unfortunately, it is not bulletproof.

Q: What is the size of the box?A: The box is available in three sizes; large, extra-large and extra, extra-large. The dimensions are as follows; 9.5” x 6.5” x 1.75″, 10” x 7″ x 2” and 11 .5″ x 8.5” x 2.5”.

Q: What happens when you lose the keys?A: When you lose the keys, the only way to get a replacement is to contact the supplier. Unfortunately, the cost of key replacement is almost equivalent to the price of a new box.

Final verdict

The SnapSafe box lock box is a good option for buyers looking for a small and compact box. It might not be enough to hold a lot of things, but it still works for small firearms, jewelry, and boxes. The strong exterior, beautiful finish, and secure locks make it a choice for many people. The fact that is TSA approved makes it stand out from other boxes in the category. This because is a buy if you are looking for a lock box.

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