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SnapSafe Combination Lockbox Review


When it comes to protecting your ammunition, the SnapSafe combination lockbox offers premium security, which coupled with a high level of portability so that regardless of where you are, your firearm is safe from getting into the wrong hands. Even if your car is stolen or your home is burglarized, the 16-gauge heavy duty steel construction and 1500 lb steel cable ensures that when attached to your car seat or furniture, your valuables will remain stationary. With even more features that makes this model distinct, this SnapSafe combination lockbox review will explain exactly why this patented combination lockbox has emerged as consumers’ most preferred safe.

Feature of the SnapSafe Combination Lockbox

Easily Operated 100% Steel Lock Mechanism with Key

Competing products often have plastic locking mechanisms that can be easily penetrated. That means that any person with a screwdriver or sledgehammer can break into those safes. But SnapSafe Iocks- which have a lifetime warranty against material defects in workmanship – features an all metal, fireproof steel and the lock and key design. The steel design is sturdy, secure and resilient against unwanted access. And because TSA master keys are unable to unlock the box, that includes prevention from inspection at the airport.

Heavy Duty Steel 1500 lb Rated Security Cable

SnapSafe combination lockboxes come with a very sturdy and thick, 1500 pound tested heavy steel security cable. This patented, tamper-resistant security cable measures 3 feet long. This allows you to secure the box and cable to stationary furniture and still stored the box out of sight in a closet or cabinet. The space-saving design of the connecting receiver attaches securely to the combination lockbox without intruding on the interior space. That helps you to get the most usage from your investment while ensuring that your contents will fit inside comfortably.

Interior Lined with Thick and Protective Memory Foam

This combination lockbox includes four inserts that are made of thick and protective foam. The foam is not attached to the interior of the box, which makes it easy to remove if needed. But the inserts line the bottom and sides of the box to prevent your gun or other valuables from scratching the bottom surface or becoming damaged. In order to enhance that protection, the case is also covered with a rubber overholding that provides impact protection for delicate items. Its’ non-slip surface also gives the box slip-resistant stability.

Constructed with Durable and Resistant 16 Gauge Steel

The 16-gauge steel used to house this safe is rated at a higher grade than most competing combination lockboxes. Most combination lockboxes are constructed with a metal body rated as 14 or 20-gauge steel. These steels are thinner which makes those cases easily penetrate able. A screwdriver can puncture those boxes, giving easy access to a thief. But the 16-gauge steel that SnapSafe combination lockboxes offers exceptional impact resistance. Not only are your contents inside protected, but your case is designed to be highly durable.

Strict Adherence to TSA Airline Firearm Storage Guidelines

When traveling, your handgun and ammunition must be secured in a combination lockbox approved by the TSA. SnapSafe combination lockboxes are constructed to adhere closely to the TSA Airline Firearm Storage Guidelines. Additionally, these boxes meet the safety guidelines by the California Department of Justice have been approved for safe and adequate firearm storage. Not only does SnapSafe boxes enable you to securely and safely travel with your handgun and a few mags, this also means that you are being compliant with firearm safety device laws if you live in California.

Designed to Withstand Prying and Fire Damage

SnapSafe combination lockboxes are equipped with a 23OOAF fire rating. Since the National Institute of Fire and Safety Training reports that burning houses reach an average temparature of 11OOAF, this locking case will remain fully intact and protect your valuables in the case of a building or car fire. Also, most competing safes have lower fire ratings, which is why many people choose SnapSafe cases over other brands when safekeeping items of value like coin collections, family heirlooms or expensive jewelry.


  • Solid 16-gauge steel construction is damage and fire resistant.
  • 1500 lb rated security cable keeps the safe securely attached to your car or home.
  • TSA certification permits you to use this combination lockbox as firearm storage when traveling aboard an aircraft.
  • Steel lock is sturdy and provides security from prying or lock picking.
  • Interior is lined with protective foam to protect your contents damage or scratching.


  • The 9mm thick foam becomes thinner when compressed.
  • The security cable is only 3 feet long so it has to be stored near the fixture it is attached to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the safe’s dimensions?A: The exterior of the box measured 6 %” x 9.5” x 1 A”. Taking the inside hinges, foam padding and steel cable into account, the interior dimensions are smaller by a half of an inch.

Q: Can someone pry open the locking mechanism easily?A: It would require a significant amount of force and the right tools for a person to be able to penetrate the lock or book. But it can prove to be very difficult for a person to locate the specific tools needed and produce enough power by themselves, so it would require help from others.

Q: How does the cable operate?A: Attach the cable to something sturdy like the bottom of a car seat or a leg of a dresser that is not easily moved. Next, connect the cable to the box and secure the connection. When the box is locked, the cord is secured and will not become disconnected. The only way to unsecured the box is to detach the cord from the fixture or open the box and remove the cord.

Q: Is it difficult to use the combination lockbox?A: SnapSafe combination lockboxes are very easy to use. The Iock-and-key design is simple to use, and the they operate the same way as any other lock. The cord is simple to attach to the box and operate and securing the cord to in your house or car is quick and easy.

Q: Will my gun fit in this case?A: The SnapSafe cases are designed to house most full-size pistols. So, if you have a handgun with a 4” or 5” barrel. You can store your gun as well as two magazines and a suppressor adapter.

Final Verdict

You can see that when searching for a secure and portable option, the SnapSafe offers superior protection and an easy-to-carry design. When searching for a SnapSafe combination lockbox review online, you will find that users who were looking for a reliable safe for their gun with a compact size and durable construction, they found that SnapSafe was an affordable product that features security and convenience.

Some reviews come from truck drivers who travel frequently and need a combination lockbox that remains intact in cases of an attempted theft. Most, if not all of them reported that even when thieves attempt to detach the cable in order to steal the box, the steel cable kept the box stationary. Parents with small children in the home have reported that the SnapSafe combination lockbox has proven to be resistant to tampering, so they feel safe having a gun in the home. And with certification by both the TSA and Department of Justice to back those claims, it is no wonder why SnapSafe is regarded as one of the most secure combination lockboxes on the market.

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