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Best Humidifier Reviews – Top 10 Hottest List for Jan 2021


The need to live in a healthy and conducive environment has led to the emergence of different devices and humidifier is definitely one of them. During cold weather, humidifier makes every home habitable and regularizes the humidity level.

Ordinarily, when there is no enough moisture in the indoor of your home, you are vulnerable to different health conditions. Some of these conditions are; nose bleeding, irritation in the sinus passage, breathing problem, sore throat, dry skin, cold and general discomfort. This is one of the reason humidifier is seriously recommended for homeowners around the world.

Humidifiers are generally safe to use without any side effect but the maintenance cost of some of these devices is on the high side. This is why you need to do proper research before getting a humidifier for your home.

In this article, we have come up with the top 10 best humidifier for 2021. We arrived at these devices after a thorough market research as well as customer reviews.

So, this a perfect humidifier buying guide that will guide you to make the right choice depending on your specification. Further, the best humidifiers reviewed in this article are not in any particular order.

Best Humidifier Comparison:

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[tcb-noscript][/tcb-noscript][/tcb-noscript] Mooka Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


4.85 pounds

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier


2.27 pounds

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier (6L)


4.41 pounds

LEVOIT 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier


4.92 pounds

Homasy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


2.92 pounds

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier


4.25 pounds

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier


2.5 pounds

iTvanila Cool Mist Humidifier


4.4 pounds

Anypro Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier


3.5 pounds

VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier


2.45 pounds

Top 10 Best Humidifier for 2021

Best humidifier over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1. Mooka Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier– ( Highly-rated, Hot Selling Product )

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The Mooka Top fill humidifier is an amazing Humidifier with high level of performance. This device is every homeowners dream as it is helpful for body absorption and better breath.

The Mooka top fill humidifier is a 4 liter large capacity ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. Unlike some of these devices in the market, Mooka has 6 touch buttons, real time humidity display, and sleep mode with auto shut-off whisper quiet for bedrooms with babies.

As a matter of fact, every dollar spent on Mooka Top fill humidifier worth it as it always keep your house fresh and healthy. It may interest you to know that this device uses high frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology.

What We Liked

Large Capacity

The Large capacity of the Mooka Top fill humidifier makes it unique. Many users go for this particular brand and model of humidifier because it has 4L large capacity. The capacity makes it possible for the device work over 16 hours continuously.

Without an iota of doubt, this will definitely bring about a steady freshness in your apartment with a single water filling.


The Mooka humidifier comes with a multi-filtration system. In fact, it has a 3 stages filtration system that helps remove all form of germs in the water. This will makes the mist provides be purer and finer. In the long run, this is better for the body absorption and facilitates better breath.

Whisper Quiet

Unlike most other humidifiers in the market, the Mooka Top Fill Humidifier is design to produce little or no noise. It operates silently and will not even obstruct your sleep

Humidity Sensor

This device comes with a humidity sensor that helps to detect the indoor humidity. Interestingly, users of Mooka top fill humidifier can suitable humidity mode based on the surrounding environment.

Easy To Clean

It is generally very easy to clean this device due to its wide opening design. In fact, you can clean the nook and cranny of the water tank with your hand directly.

What We Didn’t Like

The Lid is Hard To Put On

What we don’t like about the Mooka Top Fill Humidifier is the fact that the lid is very hard to put on. It requires you to match the small dimple with red dot.

We believed it was done like that for aesthetic purpose, but it is still a design flaw. Other than this, the humidifier is a top notch for every home owner who wants to sustain the freshness of their home.

2. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier– (Well-priced product/Best of the Best)

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The Pure Enrichment MistAire is a humidifier with a difference. It is a premium quality humidifier with 1.5L water tank with optional night light. It has most of the modern trends in humidifying unit including whisper-quiet operation.

Furthermore, it has automatic shut-off features and can operate continuously for 16 hours. For homeowners who want their home to be totally fresh and conducive for relaxation, Pure enrichment Mist Aire Ultrasonic cool is what they need.

In terms of performance, this premium humidifying unit is outstanding and it is aesthetically design to beautify room. It may interest you to know that this humidifier has mind blowing features that make it the best and perfect device for improving the quality of air in your room. see more

Also, the 1.5 liter tank capacity of this humidifier dispenses about 150 milliliters of moisture output per hour. This output will help to relieve all dry air associated symptoms.

What We Liked

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Technology

We love the fact that the Pure Enrichment Mist Aire humidifier is designed with Ultrasonic cool mist technology. This advance technology makes it possible for the device moisturizes air safely continuously up to 16 hours.

This will make breathing easy within your home and you can obviously get a good sleep. Interestingly, at anytime, you can always adjust the mist direction and speed to your comfort.

1.5 Liter Water Tank

The device is relatively portable and can be used in offices, bedrooms and other areas within your home.

Optional Night Light

The Pure Enrichment MistAire has a night light that glows perfectly when in use for maximum relaxation.

Automatic Shut off

This humidifying unit is completely automated and this is one of the things attracting people to it. In fact, whenever the water level is low or the tank is removed, the unit automatically turns off.

Comes With Total Package

This humidifier comes with total package when you buy it. In the pack you will see the unit itself, disk cleaning brush, AC power adaptor, user manual, 24hours customer support etc.

What We Didn’t Like

Small Tank

We don’t like the fact that the tank of this humidifying unit is small. Other than the tank’s size, it is a wonderful humidifier for offices, bedrooms and other smaller areas.

3. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier (6L)– (Another Top Pick)

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This humidifying unit is currently among the best humidifier in the market. It is designed with breathtaking features that make it a high performing device. It is perfect for safely moisturizing your home for a healthy breathing and better relaxation.

Generally, the everlasting comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier has a high output dispensing level with essential oil tray. It has 6L large capacity tank, thus making it possible to operate continuously for a long time. This will always keep your home fresh and conducive to live.

What We Liked

High Out/Large Capacity

The Everlasting comfort ultrasonic mist humidifier is exceptional. It has a high output capacity and can increase the humidity of a full-size room. With up to 6L capacity and a super high mist output of 270ml/hr, this humidifying unit is a perfect match for rooms with over 400sq. ft.

Interestingly, the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier can work continuously for 50 hours between refills. This will obviously keep your home fresh and conducive at all time.

Auto Shut off

This humidifier has an Auto shut-off feature that helps to prevent the machine from damage. The Auto shut off feature enables the machine to turn off automatically whenever the water level is low. This will serve as a safety precaution to the users as well as preventing the machine from damaging.

Essential Oil Tray

The presence of a built-in essential oil tray in this humidifier is one of the reasons it is every homeowner’s choice. When using this machine, you don’t only enjoy moisturizes air, but also you get to enjoy aromatherapy emitting from the essential oil tray.

Very Economical

The Everlasting comfort Ultrasonic is very economical as it doesn’t use a costly filter, unlike most other humidifiers. The filter of this machine is well designed with a high level of reliability. So, it is relatively durable and you wouldn’t need to worry about replacing the filter every now and then.


When in operation, this humidifier is very quiet and makes your home very conducive and relaxing.

What We Didn’t Like​

Ergonomic During Refill

What we don’t like about this machine is the fact that it does have the handle to ease the refilling process. Thus, there is no ergonomic in handling it. Outside design flaw, this humidifier worth every dollar invested in it.

4. LEVOIT 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier – (Budget pick)

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Levoit is another great humidifier with breathtaking features. It is a 6L capacity ultrasonic humidifying unit that disperses both warm and cool mist.

It is perfect for office; bedroom, large homes and it ensure that your atmosphere is free of germ. During operation, it whispers quietly and comes with 2 years limited warranty. This machine will always create a soothing atmosphere in your home while in use.

The combination of warm and cool mist that this machine disperses makes your home the comfort zone you always crave for. For instance, the warm mist free your living space of germs/bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and mineral dust. While the cool mist will always keep your throat and nasal passages hydrated. This will definitely reduce the chances of congestion and cough.

What We Liked

Large Capacity

This humidifying machine has a large capacity water tank of about 6L, thus enabling the machine to work continuously for about 36 hours without interruption. Also, the machine is designed to cover large room as it disperses super high mist output of about 500ml/hr.

Customizable Humidity

Customizable humidity is an advanced feature that comes with Levoit humidifier. The device has a built-in humidity sensor that reads the humidity level in real time and displays it on the led screen. This will enable users to customize the humidity to their comfort level.

Indeed, having a humidifier that can customize humidity to comfort level is what most homeowners crave for and Levoit humidifier has this feature.


The Levoit Humidifier has an aroma box that disperses nice essential oil aroma alongside the mist into the air. This will provide a relaxing and nice aroma to the living space of your home, thus providing a good aromatherapy for relaxation.

High Quality

Unlike most humidifiers in the market, Levoit is designed with high-quality material. For instance, the water tank is designed with ABS plastic materials; this reduces the chance of the tank breaking easily.

What We didn’t Like

Despite the fact that this humidifier is exceptional and outstanding, there are still some design flaws. Some of these flaws are;

  • Users will have to remove the top cover in order to get the grab-handle for a refill
  • Most times, you need to turn the unit upside down to refill and there is no grab handle on the bottom
  • You can’t shut down the unit’s light from the remote.

5. Homasy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – (Editors choice)

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The Homasy humidifier is a uniquely designed machine with an anti-bacteria stone. It is a top refill design device that operates noiselessly, giving you a perfect relaxation time in your home.

Furthermore, the Homasy humidifying unit has a 2L large capacity and it is a perfect companion to make your night awesome.

What We Like​d

Easy To Clean and Refill

Generally, the Homasy humidifying unit is easy to clean and refill. The device has a transparent body that makes it easy to spot dirt easily.

Relax and Quiet Night

The Homasy Humidifying unit makes you relax while using. This is due to the fact that its operation is noiseless and makes you sleep without disturbances at night.

Powerful Filter and Keep Health

This humidifier has a powerful and healthy filter that is made of anti-bacterial. This filter helps to retard the growth of bacteria. The essence of this filter is to ensure that the dispersed mist is beneficial to human health.

All Night Mist and Automatic Shut – Off

This humidifier is a large capacity unit and can disperse mist all through the night. In fact, it can operate continuously for over 5 hours without stopping. Interesting, it has a safety feature that automatically turns off the machine once it is low of water. This helps to prevent the humidifier for damaging.

What We D​idn’t Like​

Too Small

One of the things we don’t like about this humidifier is the fact that it is too small. It can’t work continuously for a long time.

6. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier– (Best buy)

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The Vick warm mist humidifier is another great brand in the market. It is perfect for moisturizing both medium and large room. Also, it boils water to a pure stream vapor of about 95 percent bacteria free.

What We Like​d

Vicks Vaposteam

The VAPOSTEAM is one of the things we like about this humidifier. When Vaposteam is added to Vicks medicine cup, it makes the steam to moisten dry and irritated breathing passages. This medicated stream helps to relieve a cough and dryness of the cold.

Protec Humidifier Cleaning Ball

The Protec humidifier cleaning ball is another advanced feature of Vicks Warm mist humidifier. It features an anti-microbial Aquastat that helps to purify your humidifier at all time. Also, it kills most of the odor-causing bacteria when dispersing mist.

Relieve Cough and Congestion

The kind of mist the Vick warm mist humidifier disperses provides temporary relief for a cough and congestion. This is obviously one of the reasons the demand for this humidifying unit is very high in the market.

What We Didn’t Like​


What we don’t like about this humidifying unit is the fact that it is very noisy and can easily disturb one’s sleep at night.

7. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier– (Best overall)

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The Tao Tronics Ultrasonic humidifier is a top performing brand in the market. Its efficiency and performance has led to its high recognition among different users over time.

It is a 3.5L capacity cool mist humidifier with two 360 degrees rotatable mist outlets couple with classic dial knob control. Its operation is almost noiseless and the mist it disperses is healthy for the human body.

Generally, the Tao Tronics Ultrasonic humidifier can be used for both home and office as it improves the quality of indoor air in any environment. Interestingly, users have attested to the fact that this humidifying unit helps to relief discomforts like eye dryness, skin dryness, nasal congestions etc.

Also, flu virus seldom spread when humidifying units like Tao Tronics Ultrasonic is in operation. It is a perfect device to make your home a comfortable haven for everyone.

What We Liked

Noiseless and Healthy

One of the reasons the Tao Tronics Ultrasonic humidifier is a top notch is that it operates noiselessly and the mist it disperses is very healthy to the human body.

Double 360 Degrees Rotatable Mist Outlets

This advanced feature makes the Tao Tronics Ultrasonic a top performing humidifier in the market. It has a double 360 degrees rotatable mist outlets that disperse simultaneously in two different directions.

These double rotatable mist outlets make it possible to disperse maximum mist output of 330ml/hr. Without a doubt, this quickly fills a very large room without stress

Large 3.5L Water Tank

The Tao Tronics Ultrasonic humidifier has a large water tank for maximum efficiency. This will enable the humidifier to work continuously for over 10 hours without a refill.

Smart Low Water Protection Feature

This humidifier has a smart low water protection feature. This feature protects the machine for damage and overstressed. The smart low water protection feature automatically turns off the machine once the water level is low.

Built-in Ceramic Filter

The device has a built-in ceramic filter that filters out water impurity, harmful bacteria, and bad odor. This will leave your home with clean and pure water vapor. As a rule, don’t use essential oil with this humidifier.

What We D​idn’t Like

Requires Regular Cleaning

What We don’t like about this humidifier is the fact that it requires regular cleaning. In fact, you have to clean it for an average of 3 times a week for a healthy mist. Other than this, every other feature of this humidifier is superb.

8. iTvanila Cool Mist Humidifier – (New Top Pic)

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The iTvanila Humidifier is an aromatherapy humidifying unit perfect for your bedroom. It humidifies the room quickly and has an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy. Also, it has a smart low water level protection that automatically turns off the machine when the water level is low.

What We Like​d

Quick Humidification

Generally, iTvanila humidifies quickly and make your room filled with freshness in no time. Also, it has built-in filters that make the mist more effective in relieving allergies, dry skin, sinus congestions etc.

Humidistat function

The humidistat function is an advanced feature that enables the humidifier to adjust the amount of mist dispersed according to the humidity of the environment. So, you need not to worry about excessive humidity as iTvanila get you covered.

Sleep Mode

This humidifier is designed with Ultrasonic technology and it produces less than 35 db of noise. With this noise level, you and your family can sleep comfortably without challenge.

Essential Oil Diffuser

When dispersing mist, it also disperses essential oil alongside, this will help to create a good aromatherapy for relaxation.

Large Capacity

The iTvanila humidifier has a large water tank capacity and can work continuously for about 30 hours without refilling.

Automatic Shut-Off

This humidifying unit also has a smart protection feature that automatically turns off the entire operation when the water level is low. This helps to prevent the device for damaging.

What We D​idn’t Like​

It is Complicated

The iTvanila is very complicated to use. Sometimes, you have to read through the manual continuously to be able to perform certain functions.

9. Anypro Ultrasonic Cool Mist Air Humidifier– (​Best Overall, Runners-up)

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The AnyPro Ultrasonic cool mist Air Humidifier is another top-notch humidifier with heartwarming features. It is perfect for the bedroom, noiseless during operation and has a 6 multi modes optional night lights. The capacity is large and it is amazing in operation.

What We Like​d

  • ​It can run continuously for 20 to 30 hours without refill
  • When the mist disperses, it leaves no condensation on the floor
  • It makes minimal noise during operation; this gives you a perfect night rest without disturbances
  • It is designed with premium material, so no need to bother too much about mold growth.

What We D​idn’t Like​

  • ​​The only thing we don’t like about this humidifier is the fact that it is very difficult to clean.

10. VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier – (Also Best)

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This is the last on our list of the top 10 best humidifiers for 2018. It is a high performing humidifier with whisper quiet operation, Auto-shutoff feature, and anti-slip handle.

What We Like​

What We Like​d

  • ​It has a dial knob that controls the mist dispersion
  • It makes very little noise during operation
  • Turns off automatically when the water level is low
  • It is very easy to refill

What We D​idn’t Like

  • ​Generally, the humidifier functions well, but they are several design flaw.

Final Verdict

These are the top 10 best humidifiers 2020 and they all operate exceptionally. We arrived at these humidifiers after a thorough research of the market as well as users’ experience.

However, the particular humidifier you are buying is a function of your budget and what you need it for. If you need a small humidifier for your baby’s room, you don’t need to go for the one with large capacity.

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