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All You Need to Know About Metal Detectors


Metal detectors are electronic devices that detect the presence of metals nearby. They are useful for discovering metal objects that are buried underground or metal inclusions which are hidden within objects. Basically, a metal detector is made of a handheld unit which has a sensor probe that can be swept over the field or other objects.

If you opt to buy such gadgets in the future, it is essential that you research first before considering any seller. It is only after good research that you will be able to secure a genuine purveyor of detectors that will guarantee you with affordable quotes, very satisfactory services and genuine products.

History of Metal Detectors

The first industrial detector was introduced in the 1960s and was extensively used for mineral prospecting matters and other industrial applications. Metal detectors in those years were used to detect land mines, detection of weapons like guns and knives, treasure hunting and geophysical prospecting.

Types of Metal Detectors

It is ideal that you know the different types of metal detectors before striking a bargain. Choosing the right kind based on your goals and budget is often the key to picking a product that suits your needs perfectly and one that will not disappoint you later. Here is an overview of the three types of metal detectors that are recently being sold in the market;

1. Beat Frequency Oscillation i.e. BFO Detectors

Beat frequency oscillation is the simplest of all detectors and therefore cheapest in terms of price. The gadget is considered ideal to be utilized in treasure hunting by people who are relatively new in the sport. When treasure hunting, the beat frequency oscillation uses two separate wire coils to detect metal objects. Oscillators create signals that are constant with set frequencies. These signals then get omitted from one of the BFO’s coils.

Basically, if one of the coils omits signals the primary responsibility of the other will be to effectively detect interference of frequency which discovered objects can cause. Once the detector discovers any object, it will notify you by a tone signaling or by changes in audio sounds.

2. Pulse Induction Detector

Pulse induction (Pl) detectors are mainly used to search deep under surfaces for treasures. These types of detectors are also popularly used at checkpoints which need security for weapon or metal detection. In case there is a metal under the surface, this kind of metal detector will end up reflecting signals which its user(s) can listen for. With pulse induction detectors, only one of the coils has the sole purpose of signaling a magnetic field in the ground or surface. Pl also switches modes to assist users figure out reflected signals that are found.

3. Very Low Frequency Metal Detectors

Very low frequency (VLF) detectors are the most commonly used of all detectors because of the high- end technology that has been used to make it. The detector has two round coils of wire, a receiver and a transmitter.

The purpose of a transmitter is to emit low frequency magnetic field onto the ground or surface meant for treasure hunting. The receiver on the other hand is solely used for magnetic reflection purpose.

This type of metal detector also includes a tuner, also referred as an electric circuit that filters signals to the detector’s receiver.

Tips on How to Find the Best Sellers to Buy Metal Detectors From

Tip# 1: Looking for Detectors Online

Be guaranteed that you can easily secure any kind of info about detectors provided you can afford a smartphone, computer or tablet and internet connectivity. Search on your gadget “Tricks that Can Enable a Person Locate the Best Sellers of Detectors” and a guide that you can adhere to will be offered.

However, due to the fact that the internet is also a place crowded with all sorts of criminals, ensure that you only consider information about metal detectors that you’ re sure is coming from legit sites so as to eliminate the possibility of being conned or misled.

Tip# 2: Reference and/ or Knowledge

Relatives, co- workers or even buddies that might have bought detectors previously can enable you become more informed about the subject of metal detectors. It is important that once you locate such people, you ensure that you inquire from them everything you wish to know about detectors including where they purchased theirs, the amount they incurred when buying their devices as well as the various merits of the detectors that they own.

Tip# 3: Visiting All Dealers Selling Detectors you have Noticed

Visit several people selling detectors you have located near you so that you can inquire more about their devices or services. It is advisable that you review lists that the sellers have recorded contact information of their latest clients. Call several people from those lists and verify how professional or reliable these dealers of metal detectors you opt to promote are.

Ignore sellers of metal detectors that fail to connect you with their previous clients as it shows that they are unprofessional and hiding things that did not please their past consumers.

Tip# 4: Dealing with Sellers that are Insured/Licensed

Liaise only with a dealer of detectors that is insured as this will ensure that you do not incur damages resulting from his/her negligence. It is also essential that you also promote licensed sellers as it is a way of proving that you’ re promoting people that are carrying their businesses legally in your country or state.

Tip#5: Buying Detectors from Dealers with Affordable Quotes

Eliminate several sellers of detectors courtesy of the aforementioned tricks and remain with at least five. In the long run you should buy your detector from dealers assuring customers with satisfactory services, affordable quotes as well as genuine products.

Bottom Line

The metal detector you consider should be one that is made from durable materials since it will serve you for quite a while. Ensure that any kind of agreement you engage yourself in with the dealer of detectors you deal with is in writing so as to have tangible evidence to produce in case its need arises.

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